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Participate in the SubwayListens Survey to shape the Subway experience! Your feedback on our extensive menu, excellent service, and the atmosphere as a whole during your visits is very important to us. Your feedback is our secret weapon in our never-ending quest to improve and perfect your go-to sandwich spot. Filling out our survey gives you the chance to win amazing prizes, discounts, or even free meals on your next trip to the tube, in addition to helping us make improvements.

As we collectively create the future of Subway, one delectable bite at a time, come along on this culinary adventure with us. Your opinions, tastes, and feedback are very important to us, and they direct our efforts to make sandwiches that meet your standards and satiate your appetites. Join the Subway team that is committed to providing you with the finest service possible.

On completion of this survey, the customers get a validation code. This validation code can be redeemed for the offer mentioned there. This code could be for a  discount, a special offer like a buy one get one, or a free product like a free cookie.

Subway Survey

You can get this offer too. Check out this article for all the details. We have mentioned the steps of participation so you don’t get stuck anywhere.

Subway Listens is an online survey carried out for customers only. This short survey is an easy way for restaurants to learn what their customers like and where they need to make improvements. One of the important things for the survey is the large participation.

This is one of the reasons they offer rewards in the end. It is also a way to thank their customers for their time.

Apart from that, it is also an easy way for customers to reach out to the restaurant. If you have any comments or suggestions, you also write that in this survey. You can also mention if you disliked something. And no matter what kind of feedback you give, you will still get the reward code.

Requirements for the SubwayListens Survey

Before we discuss the survey, make sure you have everything listed here in the requirements.

  • As mentioned already, SubwayListens is only available online. So you will need a device with an internet connection.
  • You need to know the English language to read understand and answer the survey questions.
  • You need a valid purchase receipt from Subway. The Subway receipt shouldn’t be older than 5 days.
  • Lastly, a valid email address is required to enter the survey.

How to Participate in SubwayListens Survey

Now that you know all the requirements, check out the steps to complete the survey.

  • First, visit a Subway outlet and get a valid purchase receipt.
  • Now visit the site This will take you to the first page of the survey.
  • On this page, enter your email address and full name. Click next.
  • Here you have to enter information from the purchase receipt. You will give the store number, date of purchase, Time, and transaction ID. This info is used to check the validity of your receipt. Click next to proceed.
  • The questionnaire will start from there. You will answer some specific questions about your order. And give your opinions about their service.
  • There may be some rating questions too. All questions are mandatory to answer.
  • After you complete the survey, the validation code will be displayed or sent to you o the provided email address.
  • Read the guidelines about redeeming the code and make sure you use it before it’s invalid.
  • The offer will be mentioned with the code. You can note down the code on your purchase receipt and take it with you on your next visit to the subway.


About Subway

In 1965, Fred DeLuca decided to open a submarine sandwich shop. For this, he borrowed $1000 from his friend  Peter Buck. He named the shop Pete’s Super Submarines. It was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Dr. Peter Buck and  Fred DeLuca were in this business together. It helped them finance DeLuca’s medical school fee and Buck’s doctorate.

Their shop grew popular very soon. In 1968, they decided to rename the shop “Subway”. From there Subway grew more and more popular. They were known for their fresh and custom sandwiches. Many new items were also added to the menu. To offer a complete and healthy meal, salads were added. After its international expansion, more sandwiches with local flavors were added to the menu. This was done for the local customers of that region.

Currently, there are Subway restaurants in  41,512 locations across the globe.

SubwayListens survey

Customer Care and Support

To get help fast, you can check Subway Frequently Asked Questions. It is available on their official website. You can search the questions by topic.

You can also write to them by filling out a feedback form on the website. In the form, you have to enter some information about the restaurant you visited. Then your name and contact information. You can write your message in the box at the bottom and send it.

You can also connect with Subway on various social media platforms. You can find the verified account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. To stay up to date about new products and offers you can subscribe to their YouTube channel. Or you can sign up for email deals.


  • How can I participate in the Subway survey and what is it about?

Give instructions on how customers may access and complete the survey, usually using a survey number on the receipt, and describe its purpose.

  • Do you have to make a purchase to access the Subway survey?

Specify if participation requires a recent purchase.

  • What type of survey questions might I predict seeing?

Describe the survey’s question categories, including those that pertain to the survey’s general satisfaction, service quality, and cleanliness.

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